Star recently posted job hirings for new animated Star Wars TV shows and possibly the live action series. Lucasfilm's Jim Ward confirmed that a live action Star Wars television series is on the way, and likely to come out in 2006.

Much speculation surrounds writer/director Kevin Smith's role in the series, if he has one at all. He has been mum on the subject for months now. When asked if he was involved in the tv show at various media events he's avoided answering the question with another question - who wouldn't want to be involved in a star wars tv show?

LucasFllm has already started making room for offices to handle the show(s). Mark Hamill may be asked to star in or do voice work on a few of these shows, possibly in a mentor role for new Jedi Knights.

It is expected that the television shows will take up the Star Wars chronology from where Return of the Jedi leaves off, reports ropeofsilicon.

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