...Back again to save the comic book geek's day, it's faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap small buildings in a single bound, it's THE GEEK REPORT.

Superman Returns news:
  • The Sydney Morning Herald has an article about the Superman Returns filming thatSuperman took place in Sydney yesterday. Local vehicles were replaced by New York-style yellow cabs, American police cars and Daily Planet delivery trucks. The footpath was dressed with hot dog and pretzel stands, blue mailboxes and newspaper boxes.
  • Superman Homepage has a great set report from the filming (and contains spoilers, so  skip this news tidbit if you don't want to know. I warned you.)  Filming took place outside a building which has been converted into Metropolis General Hospital. This was reportedly the largest scene they'd be shooting for the movie, with around Thirteen Hundred extras standing around outside the Hospital, holding banners and waving flags with dozens and dozens of flower arrangements lying in the park. So our impression is that Superman is either sick or dying. The full article includes set pictures as well.
  • BlueTights posted Video Journal #6 entitled "Sure This Is Safe?" and Director Bryan Singer takes us for a closer look at the space ship that crash landed in the back of the Kent home.
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