Pirates of the CaribbeanThe new thing in Hollywood is turning a sequel franchise into an instant trilogy. Or so says CinemaBlend, who reports that it looks like a third Pirates of the Caribbean will commence filming almost immediately after the second wraps.

"I'm filming on Pirates until January of next year," said Jack Davenport (Commodore Norrington) to EmpireOnline. "There's a little break between shooting on the two films, so that the poor bastards who have to work every day, i.e. the crew, can catch their breath slightly, because it's a pretty massive operation."

The first of the two sequels, Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest, hits theatres July 7, 2006. A cliffhanger ending is expected for the sequel, which will be resolved in the third film. But, it's all speculative as of yet.