Susanah Grant (writer of Erin Brokovich) has penned and is set to direct a romantic comedy called Catch and Release, staring Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant. The movie follows a woman struggling to accept the death of her husband and the secrets he kept from her as she rebuilds her life. She's also interested in getting Kevin Smith to play a supporting role.

"I'd be playing Sam, who's in the flick quite a bit," reports Smith in his "My Boring-Ass Life" blog. "But I'm not an actor. I don't wanna be an actor. I've never wanted to be an actor."

Grant, who saw Kevin in his Evening With Kevin Smith DVD, thinks he's right for the role. Problem is that shooting on Clerks 2 is set to start the first week of June which would coincide with the shoot of Release.
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