Comic"The tests we’ve done so far are looking amazing – like a hand-painted dark graphic novel," said Director Kevin Munroe in an interview with GamerzEdge about the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Film CG-animated film.

Like Sin City, the story boarding will be heavily influenced by the comic books as Munroe is a big fan of the original comics. When he met with TMNT creator Peter Laird, he brought his 1984 issue #1 for him to sign.

"We’re going after a moodier and darker grit that will give us a lot of negative/black areas on screen. The color palate is going to be rich, but we won’t be throwing every color under the sun on frame at once."

They’re working really closely with Mirage on the script. The events of the first two movies have already happened, and there are no plans to retell the origin story.