So Jane Fonda has a little book out. That's great, and Cinematical is very, very proud of her, but that doesn't mean we're not gagging on her recentpublicitydeluge. Luckily, Peter Bart (of all people!) has come to our rescue: since Variety "is the only newspaper in the U.S. that has not carried a Jane Fonda interview", Bart rounds out his monday morning column with a "hypothetical" Q&A with The Gal Who Used To Be Barbarella. Some excerpts:

Q: You are a strong, power-workout sort of woman. Why did you marry three men renowned for being misogynist non-listeners?
Fonda: Because men like that won't get ticked off at me for my dumb-ass politics. They don't hear what I say.

Q: But you even apologize for what you did in 'Nam 30 years ago ...
Fonda: Ever been on a book tour? You need to give those assholes some red meat.

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