miramax.jpgIt's been about two weeks since the Weinsteins announced the terms of their split with Disney, and now, Variety has more details on the future of Miramax are spilling out of the rupture. As expected, Disney plans to shorten their leash on the new Miramax significantly - staff will be slashed, and budgets and release slates will be significantly reduced. The as-yet-to-be-determined new CEO will report directly to Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook, part of incoming Disney president Bob Iger's plan to decentralize authority and yet keep its offshoots close at hand. If the old Miramax was one part savvy acquisition and two parts ambitious prestige, the trade predicts that the new studio, in eschewing the later, will traffic heavily in the former. But despite all the changes, one thing - almost bizarrely - is scheduled to stay the same: Miramax headquarters will remain in New York City.
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