• 06C Kate Winslet.jpgNew Line picked up rights toMeg, Steve Alten's 1997 horror adventure novel about a 80-foot-long prehistoric shark which terrorizes the California coast. Jan de Bont (Tomb Raider) is set to direct Shane Salerno's rewrite of Alten's script. The book spawned two sequels and was originally was set up at Disney's Hollywood Pictures.
  • Kate Winslet is in negotiations to star in Little Children, the adaptation of Tom Perrotta's book for New Line. Todd Field is set to direct the script co-written by Perrotta (Election). The film takes place in a "suburban town where perfect parents rear perfect children by day and surf Internet porn and have affairs by night."
  • Brad Anderson (The Machinist) is in negotiations to directGeorge Romero's The Crazies for Paramount. The 1973 film was about the military's attempts to contain a killer man-made virus in a small town. Scott Kosar (Amityville Horror) is writing.
  •  Sean Astinwill voice a cat raised as a dog in the CG-animated Cat Tale. Elisha Cuthbert, Stanley Tucci and Alan Cumming also star.
  • Fantastic Four's extensive cross-marketing program will include: games from Activision, a soundtrack from Wind-up Records, action figures from Toy Biz, and gameplay music videos to be bonus features on the eventual DVD release. Four bands were commissioned to write songs based on Fantastic Four characters. These tracks were used with game footage as music video ads for the upcoming game.
  • Universal's in negotiations with Pepsi to distribute the snowboarding documentary First Descent, for the Mountain Dew brand - MD Films. Sources say they expect the deal to be completed within a few weeks.

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