Sahara pic.JPGBreck Eisner's puffed-up action saga Sahara ruled the box office this weekend, taking $18.5 million. In the wake of the sandstorm, Sin City stayed strong, riding the wave of bloodspray and mediocre word-of-mouth to a second weekend tally of $14.1 million. Fever Pitch opened with $13 million, undeniably decent for a romantic comedy, but not exactly stellar for a Drew Barrymore and/or Farrelly Brothers film; it ranked in third place for the weekend.

In really scary news, Vin Diesel is still lurking around the Top Ten. This weekend's 8th highest grosser, The Pacifier earned $3 million, crossing the $100 million mark in its sixth week. Meanwhile, Kung Fu Hustle opened with $293, 025 on just seven screens; it'll open wide on April 22.
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