beyonce_knowles12.jpgOh, dear. This just seems like a terrible idea.

Watching the trailer for The Pink Panther, it's nearly impossible to detect who the film thinks its audience is. Neither adults nor children could possibly find much to like in Steve Martin and Kevin Kline's unfunny banter and cruely uninspired physical comedy, which leads to such obvious punchlines that one imagines the setups could only inspire tedium. The plot itself seems largely a so-what affair - there's a corpse in a crowd, and Beyonce might be involved. Speaking of Beyonce, it seems like she's only there so that the audience has something to ogle; but the spectator will mobilize a good deal of that lascivious gaze through Kline and Martin, and both are so old by now that there's really nothing funny about them leering at a 23-year-old. This looks like just the worst kind of specimen of "family entertainment" - it'll open in August and have one huge weekend before the next week's school-kid crop-duster comes and sweeps it away.