NY12404120030-small.jpgRadical feminism's staunchest opponent of pornography has passed away. Andrea Dworkin died at home this weekend of an undisclosed illness; she was 58. Dworkin, a former prostitute and victim of spousal abuse, published her first book, Woman Hating, at the age of 27. In 1981, she published Pornography, in which she wrote that erotic cinema (and eroticism in cinema) was tantamount to "a celebration of rape and injury to women". Inspired by Linda Lovelace's claim that she had been forced into performing in Deep Throat, Dworkin joined forces with law professor Catherine A. MacKinnon to draft an anti-porn ordinance, stipulating that pornography violates the civil rights of all women. The ordinance was adopted by several communities, before eventually being deemed unconstitutional.
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