popcorn.jpgFormer theater owner Leonard Klasky contemplates the power of the concession stand. "Given their druthers," he writes, [Exhibitors] would be more than happy to lower admission prices and pump up the sales tag at the concession stand. Theater staff would be encouraged to let patrons slide from one auditorium to the next (or at least turn a blind eye) and given the far more important task of policing the smuggling of off campus food into the premises." Concessions are infinitely more profitible for theater owners than the films themselves, to the point where, according to Klasky, exhibitors clamor to screen family films because children (and/or their adult chaperones) are prone to laying down serious cash for snacks. And we can blame that, says Klasky on Claudette Colbert; the It Happened One Night actress introduced popcorn to the movies in 1935.
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