On Sunday we reported on indie writer/director Kevin Smith's unexpected turn to acting in Susanah Grant's Catch and Release. Now, not even a week later, Smith has been offered a second movie roll in Bottoms Up, and filmed his scene the same day.

Apparently Paul Walker (whose production company is making the Swingers-esque comedy) couldn’t escape from his current production to film his cameo. So Bottoms Up star Jason Mewes asked his best friend - that's Smith - if he would film the part instead.

“The brief role is Mewes' home-town friend,” Smith writes in his My Boring Ass Life weblog. “I tell him that even though it's gonna be the biggest acting stretch of my life, that I'll do it.”

So the same day, Smith was on set for a movie premiere scene "that's supposed to be set in Minnesota" - but is really being shot down near Westwood.

Smith will also be acting in Richard Kelly's next - Southland Tales, which Kevin reports has just been greenlit and will start shooting in August.
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