dig.jpgTwo bands, two frontmen, seven years, a couple of record deals, and a lot of drugs. Ondi Timoner's time capsule of indie rockism tells the oldest story in show biz, but ratchets it up significantly. She tracks the parellel careers of The Dandy Warhols - they of David LaChappellevideos and the Undeclared theme song and international reverse-psychology car commercials - and The Brian Jonestown Massacre - they of a couple of great rock records that you've probably never heard. The frontmen of the two bands are best friends and bitter rivals; as Jonestown's Anton Newcombe spirals further and further into drug-induced psychosis, The Dandys' semi-accidental success - spawned, after all by a song called "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth" - seems less and less like a funny joke. Newcombe is surely insane but probably not dangerous; Courtney Taylor of The Dandy Warhols is undeniably a better business man, but a less interesting musician. They can't both win, and we know that going in, but that doesn't quell the impact of the narrative as it unfolds. It's A Star is Born for the post-Nirvana generation.