Yahoo! has a great article up on new moves by regional theaters to upgrade the seats in some theaters, but at a cost. A dozen National Amusements theater auditoriums around the country have been fitted with extra-wide, VIP leather seats and private concession stands.

Theater extras can add anywhere from $2 to double the price of a regular ticket. Now, I wouldn't mind paying an extra dollar or two for the VIP treatment, but twenty bucks per ticket may be a little extreme.

Loews offers first-class seats that are sectioned off and reserved inside the traditional theater. VIP Customers are also allowed to order snacks from their seats. I know I hate showing up early to get good seats, but is it really that much trouble to arrive 15 minutes early?

At the Muvico Palace 20 in Boca Raton, FL, there's a separate entrance to the premier seating area. For $18 you rest comfortably in balcony love seats with unlimited free popcorn. I could maybe see this as being great for the occasional date, but I doubt they're going to sell out all the love seat tickets on a Tuesday night.
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