kid.jpg.…being the new feature on Cinematical where we watch a film that is about to be remade and make wild, speculative guesses as to how that endeavor might turn out.

Remember the end of The Graduate? Benjamin’s chased Elaine all over California, he’s broken up her wedding, he’s escaped with her and now they’re sitting on a bus, and he’s got this expression on his face that is unmistakeable: “Now what?”  He’s torn down his entire life to win this girl, and now that he has her, what's there left for him to do?

That constant, nagging fear of stagnation - we can call it "Now What?” Syndrome - motivates and permeates Elaine May’s The Heartbreak Kid, to be soon remade by director James Bobin, with Jason Bateman in the starring role. The Heartbreak Kid picks up thematically where The Graduate left off; Lenny Kantrow (Charles Grodin) could be thought of as Benjamin Braddock six or seven years on. Things didn't work out with Elaine; he's grasping for new straws in the wrong places. Simultaneously jaded and naive, he's getting too old to blame his fuckups on youth. He's desperately trying to out-run complacency through a series of near-miss hurdle jumps and foolish self-dares.