prodana02.done.jpgThough the trailer would indicate that he's still doing more than any other American director to resurrect my favorite shoegazer bands of the 80s, Mysterious Skin is nonetheless a severe departure for Gregg Araki. Gone are the LA-as-hell, punk-rock-as-haircut ephemeral preoccupations of earlier films like Nowhere and The Doom Generation; even his last release, Splendor, was at best almost-grown up in its treatment of too-good-to-be-true post-polygamy. Mysterious Skin, a Kansas-set, dreamlike tale of pedophilia survivors, seems to quell the solipsism of Araki's earlier films. And with a matte palette that favors golden sunshine and midnight blue, it looks gorgeous.

But will it find an audience? Various Austrailian film figures debate just that in this video clip, which also features a brief interview with the director.