baz.jpgIn a rather confusing item, Reuters is reporting this morning that Stuart Beattie (screenwriter of Collateral) has been hired to script a historical epic for Baz Luhrmann. The proposed film would be a Gone With The Wind-style romance, set in Austrailia, and would complete a trilogy of films that the Moulin Rouge director has been talking about making for the past couple of years. Okay, so this is where things gets muddled: the other films in the trilogy, according to Reuters, would conceivably be Luhrmann's version of the Alexander the Great story, as well as "a Russian tale". The story goes on to say that a) it looks like the Alexander the Great project has been "shelved", and b) no one actually knows what project Luhrmann plans to work on next, and the Beattie-related Austrailian film is just one of a host of "active possibilities." So basically, Beattie has been hired to write a film that might not be on anyone's immediate schedule, and which is part of a trilogy that might not actually have three films in it.
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