.... Back again to save the Comic Book Geek's Super Duper day... it's The Geek Report!
  • Superman Returns: SuperHeroHype claims to have an exclusive look at the newSuperman Superman shield. If it wasn't a reliable site like SHH, I would have immediately chalked it off as a fake. Doesn’t look much different than older versions of Superman’s shield. Color me not impressed.
  • X-Men 3: AintitCool is reporting that Vinnie Jones is in talks to play Juggernaut in X-men 3. Director Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake) executive produced Mean Machine, Snatch, and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, three films Jones has co-starred in.
  • X-Files 2: David Duchovny revealed in a recent interview with AP that a second X-files movie is in the works. "I talked to (X-Files creator) Chris Carter last week, and he said all systems go for next winter, early 2006." A script is in the works but the story is already worked out and Duchovney says "it sounds good".  

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