sex-addict.jpgSeveralfilms that screened at this year's SXSW Film Festival presented a pretty convincing argument towards an impending cinematic revolution. If thesefilms are any indication, there's a new wave of American indie film about to come crashing down, a semi-sub-genre of films that take lessons learned from documentary film and reality TV to invent new ways to organically depict sex and relationships.

Another potential entry in this hypothetical new wave is Caveh Zahedi's I Am A Sex Addict, a hybridized, semi-fictional but based-on-life portrait of the filmmaker's own struggle to overcome a problematic appetite for prostitutes. Zahedi plays a young guy named "Caveh Zahedi" who uses filmmaking to conquer his addiction; the balance of the cast is made up partially by actors, and partially by characters from Zahedi's real life. Sex Addict premiered at Rotterdam to mixedreviews; it'll have it's Tribeca premiere on April 22. In the meantime, check out this great interview with the filmmaker at GreenCine, in which he talks about the influence of documentary, the thorny issue of playing oneself, and exploiting the unique aesthetic of digital video.