bike.jpg... Back again to save the comic book geek's day, it's The Geek Report!
  • Fantastic Four: Now Playing Magazine interviewed Fantastic Four screenwriter Simon Kinberg about a possible sequel. "It is also an origin story of Dr. Doom, and it is not until fairly late in the first movie that he fully becomes Dr. Doom. And there is a lot of space for him to grow in future films, and I am sure they will want to bring in other villains because all of these franchises do, but I have a feeling he'll be to Fantastic Four what Magneto is to X-Men."
  • Ghost Rider: SHH has some set reports hot off the set. Nic Cage drives around with a yellow motorcycle helmet? Hmmmmmm...
  • Geek Director Kevin Smith did, in fact, get the part in Catch and Release, the new movie from the writer of Erin Brockovich. You can read all about his audition in his Boring Ass Day Blog.
  • Star Wars: Mark Bazer from Tribune Media Services takes a humorous look at the Star Wars releases George Lucas may have planned for us over the next 50 years. A very fun read for any Star Wars geek.
Superman Returns:
  • Turns out it wasn't an April Fools joke after all. Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson told Channel 9's Today Show: "Brian invited me to appear in the Superman film and he's using a Virgin Galactic airship in the film."
  • SupermanHomepage has a few more photos from the Sydney shoot last weekend, including a shot of the directors chairs with the new logo (which looks almost no different from the old logo) in classic red and yellow.

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