007eon01.jpgNegotiations are stumbling this morning between the Screen Actors Guild and a band of major videogame publishers. The gamemakers are increasingly dependent on Hollywood talent - just last week, the makers of a new James Bond title hooked Sean Connery to voice the game version of his most iconic role - but aren't prepared to meet union regulations on terms including residuals and minimum performer wages. Unlike film and television companies, the videogame producers are not used to negotiating with unions, and right now it looks like the talks could go either way.

But this isn't your usual SAG-stands-up-for-the- little-guy battle; if the producers were to strike over union terms, it would primarily affect the top-tier Hollywood talent that gamemakers hire to reprise their film roles in game form.Whilst that type of talent is becoming commonplace in big-name titles, the majority of the voice talent hired by the video game industry is still non-union.
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