• thalberg.jpgBreaking News! George W. Bush says, "We're a free society." More details as they come in!
  • The executive tornado at Paramount continues: Alli Shearmur goes up, Karen Rosenfelt goes down, and Tom Jacobsen gets a new deal. Meanwhile, Intermedia's Moritz Borman "resigns".
  • Aaron Kaplan will head William Morris' worldwide television sector - six months after his demotion within that department.
  • MGM's last official release, The Amityville Horror, opens this weekend. Irving Thalberg rolls in grave.
  • Ron Howard's wife Cheryl tells Army Archerd all about her new weight loss regimine: "My adrenaline ran high and I lost eight pounds in one week." Awesome! Too bad she had to go to Pakistan to do it.
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