queerduck.jpgMike Reiss, a Simpsons writer and creator of the short-lived Showtime cartoon series Queer Duck, has sold a spec script to Adam Sandler's production company, titled The Man Who Knew Everything, about a homeless man who happens to be very well-read. Variety is reporting that the Emmy-winning writer will take home seven figures in the deal, the first to be brokered by Gail Berman for Paramount.

Incidentally, have you ever *seen* Queer Duck? It's really bizarre. It vacillates wildly between played-out jokes about Barbra Striesand, and genuinely-felt storylines about AIDS. You can watch all twenty episodes online; start with the one where they slip Queer Duck's cousin a roofie, and then move on to the weirdly-affecting funeral episode.
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