UndeadThere sure seems to be a upswing in the zombie horror film genre as of late. And here’s yet another movie trailer in glorious QuickTime – UNDEAD.

I have to admit, before watching the trailer I had really low expectations. Maybe it’s just the lack of good horror movies as of late (I was one of those people that left The Ring Two early and asked for my money back). But this trailer impressed me so much that I did a little research on the film.

Written and directed by newcomers Michael and Peter Spierig (yes, they’re brothers) in 2003 for a million family-funded Australian dollars, it’s a true independent film. Lions Gate has picked  it up and will release it in the United States.

After seeing the trailer I was especially impressed by some of the special effects, which, I went on to learn, were created by the directors on their home computers, taking nine months for post production.

It’s getting a 5.7 on imdb.com. I know, I know, that’s not a good number. I usually say if a movie isn’t getting at least a 6.0 on IMDB it’s probably not worth seeing. There are exceptions, most of which stem from a great advertisement that gets my butt in the seat. This time I’m afraid that’s all it might be ... a great advertisement.
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