• dh8.jpg"I've got a housekeeper. I've got my two kids. I've got my yoga teacher and my trainer. A manicurist. I have a psychic, but I don't have a shrink." A night at the Chateau Marmont with Amanda Scheer Demme, hipster-tastemaking music supervisor (Garden State) and widow of Ted.  
  • He calls his screen test-makeover at the hands of Mike Nichols, "one of the most demeaning experiences I've ever had." ContemplatingDustin Hoffman's unusual stardom.
  • "This year the Film Society of Lincoln Center has picked the right man to honor. " More Dusty, via the Voice of Dargis.
  • What started as a DVD extra has morphed into a rare beast: the documentary sequel. Even weirder, Criterion is footing the bill.
  • "Marijuana use has never been associated with the flesh-eating undead, as far as I know, but perhaps that state is the natural ultimate conclusion to a bad case of the munchies." Anita Gates takes on Showtime's musical take on everyone's favorite but of midnight hysterikitsch, Reefer Madness.

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