melissa_george2.jpgAs editor-in-chief of Cinematical, I'd like to put a moratorium on the use of the phrase "scared up" in reference to the box office receipts of horror films.

That is, after this weekend.

As expected, The Amityville Horror was the top grossing film of this weekend, scaring up $23.3 million. Both Sahara and Fever Pitch, last week's numbers one and two, dropped about 30%, and earned $13.1 and $8.8 million, respectively. Sin City is losing its audience pretty quickly; after a 50% drop from weekend to weekend, it brought in $6.7 million this week to bring its total gross so far to $61 million. That's far from disrespectful, but if the audience keeps melting away at this rate, it's domestic tally might dry up shy of $100 million. Guess Who rounded out the week's Top Five, earning $4.9 million for a so-far gross of $57.6 million.