dalton.jpgIn a think-piece on the on-going debate over who will be the next actor to play James Bond, Jason Solomons suggests that perhaps the only way to settle this is to turn the casting process into a reality show. "Bond Idol", he suggests, would feature a series of competitions such as "the dealing with Miss Moneypenny scene, the walk, turn and shoot bit for the opening titles, the withering aside to a villain."

He basically gets this from Umberto Eco's The Bond Affair, a book in which the novelist/theorist breaks the Bond persona down into nine basic gestures, and suggests that the pleasure we get in watching the films comes primarily from watching each actor's unique interpretation of these basic nine.

But wouldn't this be awesome? Think of it: take the names that have been thrown out - Clive Owen, Dougray Scott, Ewan McGregor, Eric Bana,Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Julian McMahonRupert Everett and whoever else - make them live in a house together, have them compete in ridiculous staged "challenges", and then pick them off, one-by-one, American Idol style until you've found the "right" man for the job. You could get failed former Bonds (Lazenby, Dalton) to alternate as guest judges. It would basically amount to a giant male beauty contest. The possibilities for reverse chauvinism are endless.
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