• leprechaun6.jpgMichael Bay is to remake the 1986 horror film, The Hitcher. "I loved it as a kid, and we can add some cool twists and turn it into a rocking film", said Bay. This is the third horror remake Bay's Platinum Dunes shingle has jumped on; what's next, guys? Leprechaun?
  • Jodie Foster will make an increasingly rare on-screen appearance in Spike Lee's Inside Man. She was last seen in 2002's Panic Room ... and in lesbian wish fulfillment fantasies the world over.
  • Warner Brothers will host a gala to honor Lee Marvin's career as an actor and a Marine. Whilst there will be a screening of the restoration of Sam Fuller's The Big Red One, we're holding out for the Marvin tribute that includes a screening of Paint Your Wagon.
  • HP will turn 7,500 films into ones and zeros.
  • MTV will throw a Kung Fu party at Cannes.
  • Peter Bart says Peter Rice ought to watch his back.
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