gf3.jpgRemember how we told you ten days ago that Francis Ford Coppola was unhappy with the video game version of his inarguable masterpiece, The Godfather? Well, this weekend the British press jumped on the story: The Observer has collected evidence of some pretty interesting opposition to Coppola's suppossed opposition.

Coppola insisted on AMC's Sunday Morning Shootout that he was not consulted about the game and did not lend his approval.But David DeMartini, executive producer of the game for Electronic Arts, says that Coppola knew full well that the game was in production and even indirectly helped it come to fruition: "We did meet with him and he embraced the project - not as something he wanted to work on, but he [gave us] access to all of his notes...He was very gracious."

Meanwhile, Godfather costar James Caan seems little *too* supportive: "Not to be maudlin about it, but [thanks to the game] my kids can play with me after I'm gone." That has to be one of the creepiest things I've ever heard a movie star say.

Coppola initially commented that he was against the game because it employs "the characters [from the film] everyone knows ... and then for the next hour they shoot and kill each other." If these (non confirmed) screen grabs are any indication of the meat of the game, he's exactly right.
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