brando-crop.jpgTetiaroa, the French Polynesian island purchased by Marlon Brando in 1965, will soon be home to an "environmentally-sensitive" luxury resort known simply as "The Brando." It was apparently Brando's dream to turn his island into an exclusive getaway, where guests could stay in discreet villas in complete isolation from one another, and be provided a "Polynesian couple to cook for guests, take them spearfishing, teach the Tahitian names of the plants and birds and play the guitar at night." Now, about nine month's after the actor's death, real estate developer Richard Bailey is making it happen. He's got a lot of work ahead of him - right now, the island is berfet of fresh water, electricity and sanitation. It's only resident is Brando's son, Teihotu. The Brando is scheduled to open in 2008. 
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