lyonnemug.jpgOne of our favorite messy indie actresses is in trouble again. A New York judge issued a warrant yesterday for the arrest of Natasha Lyonne, star of American Pie and (tee hee) Party Monster, for failing to show up at a hearing on charges that she threatened to - wait for it - molest her neighbor's dog.

The incident occured last December. Enraged by - oh, does it really matter? - Lyonne banged on her neighbor's door, ripped a mirror off the wall, and said, "I'm going to sexually molest your dog." Lyonne apparently did actually show up in court yesterday - but was an hour late and only stayed for 30 minutes, thus missing her case when it was called.

This is Lyonne's second criminal scandal (third if you consider dating Edward Furlong "criminal") - the mugshot above is a memento of the DUI charge she incurred in 2001 in Miami.
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