wither.jpgMs. Legally Blonde found herself illegally bound on Friday, when a swarm of paparazzi photographers waited for Reese Witherspoon outside her gym and tried to block the star from entering her car. With the help of a personal trainer, Witherspoon made it into her vehicle, only to be chased home by the same photographers - one of whom parked his car squarely in front of the gate to her home, blocking the actress from entering.

It was at that point, according to E! Online, that one of Witherspoon's reps called the LAPD and filed a complaint of false imprisonment against the stalkerazzi. No charges have yet been filed.

So, yes, this is the second Reese Witherspoon item of the day (girl, did you get a new publicist?), and yes, we already used the picture above in non-altered form - do you like our Photoshop skills?
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