affleck.jpgIn what could very well be a fake story, azcentral reports that, in order to "give something back" to his "public", Ben Affleck is planning on teaching an acting class. Here are the reasons why I think this story might be totally made up:
  1. There's almost no information besides for a "quote" from Affleck;
  2. The story mentions that Affleck's girlfriend, Jennifer Garner, recently celebrated her "23rd birthday"; not only is that blatantly untrue (she just turned 33), but considering she's been on Alias for almost 5 years and was on Felicity before that, it doesn't even really make sense;
  3. The article does not express nearly enough concern for the harm that an Affleck acting lesson could potentially inflict.

That said, if the story is true, I think we better lock up our proverbial children, and/or head for the hills, and/or do whatever else it is we're suppossed to do when we see a sign of the apocalypse. [via MCN]
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