• erin.jpgTribeca premiere The Great New Wonderful is just the first of a host of upcoming movies about 9/11: "We learned on Erin Brockovich that what you make up is never as good as what happened in real life," says a producer. And since "real life" is never as good as Julia Roberts in a bustier, let's see if we can write her into one of the towers...
  • Sharon Waxmanparties like its 1999 in a piece about the "new", internet-fueled movie financing.
  • Manohla basically says the Cannes lineup seems too good to be true.
  • Scott Rudin leaves Paramount to produce for Disney; Laura M. Holson says he'll be playing the part of the departed Weinsteins.
  • Indies dropped into Wednesday-release obscurity: ManohlareviewsSave the Green Planet, Anita Gatessuffers through Dead and Breakfast.
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