For once, two Hollywood actresses are doing something in the name of Scientology that seems imminently reasonable: Kirstie Alley and Kelly Preston (wife of John Travolta) appeared at a meeting of the House Education Council yesterday to contest their handling of a bill that would mandate that school give special services to students diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder, without forcing the students to first take psychotropic drugs.

The actresses stood in support of the bill itself, but protested the Council's decision to strip language from the bill mandating that parents be informed of their child's physical and mental disabilities, and be made aware of their various treatment options. "I cannot comprehend how anyone would oppose a bill that ensures parents are given all the information needed to make an informed decision for their child," Preston said.

The actresses religion opposes the use of such drugs, and it was Alley who made the one Scientology-spooky statement of the day. "You would be hard pressed, of these 8 million children on these drugs, to ever find one that's the child of a Scientologist," she said. "Because we have real information, alternative information about what can you do." Um, care to share that information, Kirstie? We're really all ears.

Despite the star-studded effort, the disclosure language was eventually stripped, and the bill was unanimously passed.

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