• curtis.jpg"While studios have been more than happy to launch their movies at Tribeca galas, indie companies tend to be less enthusiastic about the event." Ian Mohr on Tribeca's struggle for indie cred.
  • Doc Ock and Magneto have joined the cast of Ron Howard's The DaVinci Code.
  • Milos Forman is consideringJavier Bardem and Natalie Portman for his biopic on the Spanish painter Francisco Goya.
  • James Reston Jr, the historian who claims that Ridley Scott is ripping him off, proves just how crazy he can be.
  • Congress sneaks a little censorship in with their anti-piracy legislation. But who's gonna notice?
  • Its "cumulative power is devastating in its portrait of a nation that must always seek out a new fearsome adversary or, perchance, even invent one to fit the bill." Scott FoundasreviewsTribeca doc The Power of Nightmares
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