ashtonkutckerkevinfederlinesnl-thumb.jpgOkay, everyone who promised to strip if their movie debuted at number one, stand up. Hold on, Ashton - not so fast.

Barring some kind of divine intervention, it looks like we'll not get a glimpse of Ashton Kutcher in Calvin Klein's tighty-whiteys after all: his A Lot Like Love only earned about 3 million dollars on Friday, setting it up for a debut in third place on the weekend box office charts. That's far less than half the $7.5 million one-day tally of the likely weekend champ, Sydney Pollack's The Interpreter, which is getting a big push from its blitz through the Tribeca Film Festival to counteract its mostly lukewarm reviews.  The Amityville Horror should play the meat in this veritible sandwich; it earned $4.5 million yesterday and will probably finish the weekend at number 2.