• SirJohn_Mills.101722.full.jpgSir John Mills, an Oscar winner for 1971's Ryan's Daughter, and the father of Hayley, died on Saturday at the age of 97.
  • War breaks out in South Korea ... between two rival fantasy fan fests.
  • "More smile-inducing than laugh-aloud funny", Leslie Felperin says The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy "will need to thumb a ride on upbeat word of mouth to catch on theatrically."
  • Mike Figgis, who seems to have decided somewhere down the line to remake himself as the British Von Trier, will show up at Cannes, with The Five ObstructionsComa, which"recounts what happened when Figgis invited 20 aspiring filmmakers to attend a weeklong master class in Slovenia and then challenged them to shoot a feature film from scratch."
  • Netflix finishes the first quarter at a $8.8 million loss - which is good, because that's still about $8 million less than they planned to lose.
  • "A lot of these films are going to end up in movie theaters, which was not the case three years ago." Hot Docs hits Canada.

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