Inside OutBack on the red line, we're back at Davis Square to see SPEW at the Somerville Theater which probably seats 120 and is 80% full. This is a lot better than turnout for Shakespeare Behind Bars. Again, this is probably due to the earliness of the screening.

First up is the short film called Inside Out, which starts with no sound. This is the first mistake encountered at the festival. The director, who's sitting in front of me, leaves the theater pissed. They decide to start the movie over, which is a good idea. Unfourtunately, this time we're treated to sound but no picture. But luckily (or in retrospect maybe unfourtunately) the third time's the charm.

The movie starts on impaled doll heads in a grassy front yard. The director narrates saying that she travels a lot, and has seen a lot of strange yards "and am often amazed at the people I meet and the stories they tell."

If only she let them tell their stories...
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