Writer James Strouse, director Steve Buscemi, and one of the film's producers were at the theater for a question and answer session after the film. Hometown star Casey Affleck couldn't make it, but mother Affleck was in the crowd.

Buscemi had planned to leave the theater after the first ten minutes, and make his return shortly before the credits as he's seen the film hundreds of times before. He told the crowd that he stayed in his seat for the whole movie due to the audience reaction. Normally I'd say he's only trying to get a "cheap pop" from the audience, but I was there and the audience laughed at every joke almost on cue.

Turns out the film which started out as a short story is somewhat biographical as the writer James named the main character and all the family members after his real family. Almost like a home movie from another dimension, they shot most of it in Jim's real house. The factory is his parents real owned and operated factory. The two girls that played his brother's kids in the film were his brother’s real kids. James says that the little girls team that his brother coaches has still never won a game, although unlike the movie they do score quite a few points.
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