Lonesome JimCasey Affleck plays Jim, a depressed 27 year old who returns home because he's run out of money and has nowhere else to go. He doesn't even like his family - this was a last resort.

Mom and Dad own and run a factory where his brother Tim also works. Tim is a divorced 32 year old that wanted nothing more than to work for the CIA but now works for minimum wage and coaches a little girls basketball league that has never gotten a basket in never mind a won game. He tells his team, "Don't shoot the ball unless your positive it'll go in." The girls pass the ball around afraid to take the shot.

Jim's mom is a dreamer who is always smiling. She talks about herself in third person. "You know Mom never wanted to..." Jim's dad is grumpy and negative. When Jim arrives home and starts crying on the floor in the kitchen, his dad shouts "What's wrong with him?!"
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