It’s day number one at the Independent Film Festival of Boston (although it’s technically day two since they held their opening night film last night). I’m at the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square, where a short young lady with butterfly wings hands me my ballot.I am tempted to ask her about the wings but instead make my way to my seat where I again meet up with the lady I met last night making a prison documentary (shoulda figured she was going to be at this film). What is kinda amazing is the theater isn't even 20% full, which is probably due to it being 1:00pm on Friday afternoon. I’m sure everything will pick up when we hit 5:00pm.

Shakespeare Behind Bars starts with a couple big guys rehearsing lines for a Shakespeare play in what looks to be a big open green park. After a minute we pull back to reveal they're in the yard of a prison. This is Shakespeare Behind Bars, which is in its seventh year.

This is a truly great documentary about the characters in the prison theater program. This year they are doing The Tempest, which would be the third redemption/forgiveness themed play in a row for them. This is not a coincidence.
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