SPEW: The World of Competitive Debate is delayed 10 minutes due to a technical problem which a volunteer says is due to a cable issue. This is the third thing to go wrong at this year's festival, but in all fairness all three things have occurred in one screening.

The blurb for this film made it sound really interesting, like Spellbound or Word Wars but at the Speed Debate Championships. It wasn't what I expected, which isn't to say it isn't good.

The film shows the summer session at the Dartmouth Debate Institute, where high schoolers travel from around the US to train and compete in Speed Debate Championships.  The kids spend more time researching their debates than a graduate student researching their dissertation. Unfortunately for the filmmakers, researching isn't that interesting to watch. So instead we are treated with the high school antics. Which can be exciting and involving, but again, just not what expected.
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