One of the two volunteers sitting next to me observes that the seats in the Somerville Theater are small and uncomfortable. "I feel like I'm at Fenway." The lights go down and the movie starts late (this seems to be a reoccurance here at the festival).

The tagline to Stolen asks, "Is it still a masterpiece if no one can find it?" In 1990, theIsabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston suffered the largest art heist ever. In the middle of the night, thieves dressed as Boston Police lifted a collection of works valued together at over $300 million which included five Degas, three Rembrandts, a Manet, a Flinck, and, the well known materpiece "The Concert" by Johannes Vermeer. This Vermeer is now considered the world's most valuable piece of stolen art.

None of the works have been recovered. Knowing this (as most Bostonians do) it’s like knowing of the Titanic’s fate going into James Cameron’s epic. In the end it doesn’t ruin your enjoyment of the movie as a whole.
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