Inside the SommervilleTonight I'm seeing the opening night film Lonesome Jim which is directed by Steve Buscemi. I saw this flick at Sundance and fell in love with it. So I'm here to get a second viewing, this time with some much needed sleep. For those of you who haven't been to Sundance, let me explain. There are so many films worth seeing, that you find yourself seeing 35 films in a 10 day period which equates to only 3 hours of sleep a night. Plus, you're in the elevated Park City, Utah, where air is in short supply. In short, some films must be seen again after Sundance.

Sundance was filled with slice of life films, more than a couple where the main character decides or is forced to come home. Instead of them being fish-out-of-water stories, these are fish-back-into-water stories, I guess. Lonesome Jim is one of those.
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