• Christian BaleIt's the always eagerly-awaited Summer Preview Issue, where they dissect the 136 new releases slated for the summer. Well, they dissect the top ones; many are left to the "Plus..." spot at the end. They name the top 10 summer movies they are looking forward to seeing (gee, I wonder if Star Wars is on the list?), and also grade the trailers of some of the most anticipated flicks. I'm glad they have only a C to Lindsay Lohan's Herbie: Fully Loaded, but on what planet is that even considered an "eagerly awaited popcorn flick" in the same list as Batman Begins, Star Wars, and War of the Worlds?
  • You can post your answer to the question, What Songs Annoy You In Movie Trailers? question.
  • Are Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger expecting? I think they mean a baby, and not interest rates to rise.
  • An explanation as to why there is another version of The Exorcist: The Beginning coming out. Renny Harlin's version is the one that made it to theaters, but the Paul Schrader-directed version (he filmed it then the studio fired him and brought in Harlin for a complete overhaul) will get a limited release on May 20. (Can't find this article online, so pick up the print edition.)
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