Arthur Dent, meet Martin FreemanMartin Freeman sure does give some snarky interview. In a recent chat with Stephen Applebaum of the BBC, Freeman complained a bit about being tagged a "good guy" since his roles in The Office and Love Actually. In the interview Freemen stressed his bad boy side, and mentioned that he won't be "cast as many 70-year-old black women" anytime soon. Well, that's a relief.

But Freeman might also have to worry about his countrymen's backlash should his take on Arthur Dent not fly with the fans of Douglas Adams' strange universe. And Brits don't have a history of loving American-made versions of their favorite cult hits (Queer as Folk, anyone?). MJ Simpson, Douglas Adams' unofficial biographer, saw a press pre-screening of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in late-March and hated it so much he almost cried. Don't worry, folks, there's some out there standing up for us and our Crazy American Ways. We noticed this witty reparteé on the BBC Hitchhiker's message board: "Well the reason why the Americans destroy the Office etc...cos [sic] they have a rubbish sence [sic] of humour...they don't laugh any thing passed [sic] Friends." Ouch. But wait, here comes a nice gentleman to back us up: "That's [...] a common misconception [...] Our US cousins do indeed have a sense of humour, though obviously there are certain cultural differences. [...] US humour can be both ironic, subtle and indeed hilarious." Thanks man. Next time you guys need something blown up, we'll be there.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy opens this Wednesday the 28th.