I met and talked to a young lady who’s an aspiring librarian going to librarian school about Stolen. She seemed to agree that parts of the movie were gripping, but the reenactments of Gardner’s letters dragged and seemed to be there to just fill time.

Back to the same theater for Childstar, a Canadian comedy which premiered at Toronto Film Festival this year. The movie starts out with a bunch of executives in a board room listening to a pitch for a child star film vehicle.

The First Son (the movie inside the movie) is about a 12 year old who gets in trouble at summer camp. His dad, who just happens to be the president of the United States, is called to talk to the camp counselor and comes home to find the White House taken over by terrorists.

"Are they funny terrorists?" a bigwig asks. The screenwriter replies that they are serious. When he realizes this isn't the answer he wants to hear, he says "but they have quirks, they're serious but quirky."

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