georgelucas.jpgMan, those kids over at TV Squad are ON FIRE today. Check out a sampling of their best quotes:
  • "I don't want to have to go online every single time I'm sitting on the couch at 12:37 am, eating Doritos, trying to figure out what else to watch because Paris Hilton is on Conan." Bob'll never stop reading TV Guide, but he's got one or two ideas as to how they could make themselves better.
  • Kat has had it up to here with vicarious O.C. watching: "I am so sick and tired of hot, scantily glad girls running around swigging rum from coconuts and winking seductively at me while I sit on the sidelines contemplating my pathetic life."
  • Pat O'Brien is "supposedly out of rehab and I'm sure really, really, really sorry for all those sex calls he made"
  • "Seth has to decide whether to go to his prom or have dinner with George Lucas, one of the richest people on the planet and the guy who could make Seth's graphic novel a smash hit. Easy choice there, dude."
  • Why is Fox so damn worried about ABC's American Idol "expose"? Dave asks, "Would more people tune in to an ABC expose than the Idol results show?"
  • Rachael Ray gets a cookbook deal, and "You know it's good because not only will it cover all the things that everyday people are interested in (it will be similar to Real Simple), but the title actually rhymes."
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